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21 September, 2018, 7:30 am

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Ultimately the destination of the title is in the hands of -DX...
by blackendWednesday, 22 Oct 2003 14:35 UTC

Zoals ge al in de vorige newsposts kon lezen, tgaat er om spannen dees weekend in barrysworld.

Wat Sir. Bigfoot te zeggen had over de match:

Amazingly the only team to make the most of this was -DX-, the Belgian side perhaps reluctantly taking up the running in this group with a decent win over a2Q that saw a very impressive first map performance. It should however be noted that a2Q were perhaps a bit unfairly treated by the scoreline on CP9, had a lengthy cross-steal at 3-0 gone their way then they might have got something from the map, as it was -DX- made it 4-0 and then went on to score plenty of caps with Fragty and Blackend combining for a massive 250+ points and seven caps, the rest of the -DX- side trailing in their wake as the team recorded their biggest single-map win for some time. The scoreline on CP1 was perhaps a more realistic showing of the difference between the sides, -DX- did dominate the early stages but a2Q played well enough to warrant keeping the map tight at 2-1 to the Belgians with only a couple of minutes to go, a2Q never quite looking like scoring another but -DX- having to rely on a couple of late caps to make the points safe, Shogun doing a decent job on defence for them.

maw.: we ownen. :)

I think it is fair to say that -DX- probably didn't expect to find themselves going into the final week needing just a point to secure promotion...

true :)

en wat hij te zeggen had over de kansen van de teams:
This is the closest of the Division 3 groups in terms of the title and promotion places and the fixtures have worked out well with the final week seeing 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd. This obviously makes for some interesting permutations and has the feel of this group a few seasons back when there was a four-way tie for 2nd place with -DX- being the team to go up. I think -DX- will be a bit disappointed if they end up tying for 2nd place this time around, for that to happen they have to lose to Souls and xsv beat dUf, both results possible but they would also represent catastrophes for the losing sides. It would also mean that Souls go up in 2nd place with xsv finishing as champions, Souls being promoted due to having beaten -DX-, whilst an alternative scenario is Souls and dUf winning their games 4-0. In this case there would be three teams - -DX-, Souls and dUf - tied on 24 points and it would be Souls who were crowned champions due to having taken 3 points off dUf and 4 against -DX-, the Belgians of -DX- would then finish 2nd due to beating dUf when the two met earlier in the season. A further alternative is xsv and dUf drawing with Souls beating -DX-, if that happened then Souls would finish highest due to drawing with xsv and beating -DX- 4-0, meanwhile xsv would claim promotion as runners-up due to their 3 points gained against -DX-.

En hij kon er echt geen genoeg van krijgen en hij legde nog eens alle mogelijk scenario's voor:
Ultimately the destination of the title is in the hands of -DX-, a 4-0 or 3-1 win for them over Souls and it is definitely theirs, a 2-2 draw or even a 1-3 loss might be enough if xsv implode against dUf and fail to get more than two points. Indeed perhaps the most interesting battle is to see who joins -DX- in going up, if Souls get three points against -DX- they can claim second place so long as dUf beat xsv 3-1, in that scenario Souls would place higher due to beating dUf 3-1 and drawing 2-2 with xsv, whilst dUf would finish 3rd with xsv 4th. For xsv promotion is theirs so long as they get a minimum of 2 points against dUf, I fancy them to do this *if* they can get their act together, although should dUf claim the first map we could see xsv completely falling apart and dUf coming through to claim 2nd place, assuming -DX- do them a favour against Souls. As with a couple of seasons ago we could even see a four-way tie for 2nd place if Souls beat -DX- 3-1, dUf beat xsv 3-1 and UK beat a2Q 4-0, if that happens xsv, dUf, Souls and UK will all have 23 points and it will be xsv who place highest due to having amassed 7 points in the matches between the sides, dUf and Souls having 6 each and UK just the 5.


DX weer springlevend \o/
by blackendMonday, 20 Oct 2003 14:55 UTC

Zoals ge al gemerkt heb, DX is de laatste tijd weer op en top actief.

Een van onze oudere members, Kaine, heeft besloten terug actief te worden. :)

Hier kunde em al zien se. Hij heeft zijn statuut van honorary member weer tijdelijk ingeruild voor 'active player'. :)

Met een totaal van 12 members, en een 13e ;) op komst, de Samme, staan er weer een paar maanden van ownage voor onze deur.


ziet ons gaan
by fragtyMonday, 20 Oct 2003 01:02 UTC

wij ownen, we own, wir bezitsen

then again...
wij sucken, we suck, wir saugen

Beide leagues hebben nog 1 speeldag te gaan, zullen we promoveren in BW? zullen we degraderen in CB? zullen we het wereldrecord currydogs bakken breken? Spannend!! :)


BW week 7 report
by 2slow4uFriday, 17 Oct 2003 10:55 UTC

Bigfoot was at it again and this is what he had to say about DX :


Even so it was surprising that -DX- were pushed so hard by SMaK on W2, although I have seen SMaK be involved in tight games on W2 before (usually through long cross-steals) I would have expected -DX- to do better than they did, SMaK frustrating them and having their own chances but -DX- did eventually score through T-ReX. There was still drama to be had though as the game ended with the flags swapped so SMaK were not far off getting a draw, -DX- holding on for the narrowest of wins. CP5 doesn't afford such cross-stealing cover as W2 does though and -DX- had the map won by the mid-way point of the map, SMaK finishing well but the map was lost by the time they got their caps, Skutter valiantly trying to hold the fort with new recruit Revvy also playing well but T-ReX and Blackend filled their boots and were backed up by superb defence from Fragty and Morf.

I guess we smacked SMAK a bit
There's more to read in our warreport.
This sunday we're up against a2C (addicted to Counterstrike) :p


-DX- (who added Samme to their list this week)
by blackendThursday, 9 Oct 2003 14:19 UTC

We zijn deze week een van de 5 clans die 'who added' award achter hunne naam krijgt. :p Maar die van ons is geen clanhoer, tis toch al dat he. :)

Wat bigfoot te zeggen had in zijn report:

Another side chasing xsv are -DX-, they are one of a trio on 16 points with similar cap differences (the other two being dUf and Souls) and they bounced back this week from their loss to xsv in Week 5 by crushing n2s. For once the server wasn't too bad for n2s but they were simply outplayed here, perhaps it could have been different if n2s had got more luck on the early cross-steals on W3, -DX- (who added Samme to their list this week) winning them both and eventually taking full control to run out comfortable victors on a map n2s normally find quite hard work, the trio of Fragty, Blackend and T-Rex all having good games for -DX- *zwel*. I thought n2s might have more of a chance on W5 and they did hold -DX- for a reasonable amount of time, as is so often the case the first cap was the key and that did go to the Belgians, the floodgates opening as they ran in caps at regular intervals, Blackend on fire but being backed up well by a good all-round performance, n2s just being overwhelmed.

We hadden een zeer goeie game gespeeld, en ik met mijn nieuw pcke ownde dan ook iedereen uit de pan. *zwel* kuch *zwel*. Iedereen speelde goed... 2slow had gewoon bekke tegenslag met het fraggen... mo het zijn de caps die tellen he :).

Wil je meer weten over onze ownage? Klik dan hier. ;)


As I expected -DX- proved to be worthy adversaries of xsv ...
by blackendWednesday, 1 Oct 2003 13:25 UTC

lo, :)

Bigfoot heeft zijn weekelijkse review weer klaar, deze keer week 5. Zondag hebben we namelijk met 3-6 verloren van clan xsv... een beter resultaat dan we verwacht hadden.

dit is wat bigfoot erover te zeggen heeft:


As I expected -DX- proved to be worthy adversaries of xsv and CP22 was to prove frustrating for xsv, surprisingly since they know this map well and thrashed UK on it earlier in the season. Indeed at 2-0 up you would have fancied them for a comfortable win but -DX- used all their higher-division experience to level it up at 2-2, the match ending tied with a stalemate breaking out in the second-half. The draw was xsv's first dropped points since Week 1 and things looked to be going from bad to worse on CTF2 as -DX- went 1-0 up very quickly indeed, unfortunately the Belgians couldn't hold the lead and xsv recovered nicely to score twice in 90 seconds and lead 2-1, adding a further cap and the second-half of the map again seeing a stalemate as neither side could score again, xsv settling for an important win over their closest rivals who were engulfed by a number of teams this week due to the very odd results in the division.

en als ge wilt weten hoe de maps precies verlopen zijn, kunt ge dat in het warreport van 2slow4u lezen. 8)


by fragtySunday, 28 Sep 2003 13:30 UTC

Inderdaad beste sletten, onze vertrouwde warreports komen terug, o/ juicht ende zingt jubilee, stillekesaan en beginnende met de oudsten eerst. Dit omwille van het feit dat elk warreport moest geconverteerd worden van het oude shrimp-html-systeem naar het nieuwe systeem (iet van database ofzo)
Kwam daar nog bij da zowa elk script moest herschreve worre en dan zulde wel verstaan waarom het zo lang aansleepte.
Maar nu is het gewoon nog ewa copy-pasten dus nog heel effe geduld :)

Wat we met de wars doen die sinds de overschakeling gespeeld zijn weet ik nog ni...waarschijnlijk zullen we ons beperken met alleen de score en screens ofzo, voor zover we die nog kunnen terugvinden.

For them who dont speak dutch : click here


...this time it was dUf who joined -DX- in front of GTV...
by blackendTuesday, 23 Sep 2003 20:55 UTC

Sunday, we played our 4th match in the barrysworld q3ctf league. We played a tie and a win, 2-2 on wcp1 (aka japanctf) and 0-3 on w7.

In bigfoot's review:

Fortunately for us neutral's the team QQ played last week - -DX- - were once again engaged in a title match with a quality opponent, this time it was dUf who joined -DX- in front of GTV and CP1 was the more entertaining of the two maps with dUf taking the lead, -DX- coming back to lead 2-1 themselves but dUf responding well to equalise, the map ending tied. At this point I wasn't sure what to expect on W7 but -DX- took an early lead and, despite the best efforts of dUf, they were unable to break down their Benelux rivals who went on to win the map, dUf restricted to a point on the night and, although it would appear they are now out of the promotion race, it should be noted that they could well pick up significant pointage until their last week clash against xsv, giving them an outside chance of getting a run together that could see them overtake the current Top 3.

Pick of the week: - -DX- v xsv - The Belgians are hanging in there but their dropping of the odd point here and there could prove costly as it means they really need to get the better of xsv here, rather than settling for a 2-2 split of the points which would suit xsv just fine. With xsv having beaten a QQ team who drew with -DX- the form certainly favours the leaders, although it should be noted that -DX- do have the big game experience and are more than capable of frustrating the newer clan, although for that to happen they will need to get their defence sorted out.


DX is welcoming a trial member!
by blackendWednesday, 17 Sep 2003 12:15 UTC

Hi there! :)

We've just recruited a new member, (nick)named Samme. Maybe some of you know him from the Telenet Q3 Server...
He's 15 Years old and he plays Quake since 1 year now.

He's a personal friend of me, we're going to the same school and his house is located 800 meters from here, in Sint-Agatha-Rode.

Now he is going to play some friendlys and Clanbase matches and he will be an official member from the moment we meet him at a 'minilan' or at Frag-O-Matic/Landinges.

Have fun in our clan! 8)

(me = bad @ English :d)

You can see his ugly face: here, here, here or here :)


T-Rex coming up with the goods...
by shogunThursday, 11 Sep 2003 21:39 UTC

Because war reports still don't work you'll have to rely on occasionaly news posts if you want to know what we're doing. Here's what Bigfoot, a famous celebrity in Scotland, has to say about our performance in week 2 of the BWQ3CTFL:


Just nudging ahead of dUf in the table are -DX- who technically have the best form now with them having won three straight maps after this weeks games were concluded, they were mean to CAPs on Sunday as they scored the winner on CP5 with barely 10 seconds to go, T-Rex coming up with the goods for -DX- to settle what was an entertaining map. CP9 was also pretty good stuff until the last 5 minutes or so, at that point CAPs were still well in it but -DX-'s extra class told in the end as they romped to victory, again capping with seconds to go to put the icing on the cake and perhaps do CAPs (who added the experienced ex-LKFF-JaNet to their list this week) a little bit of an injustice.


News archive:

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