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Bigfoot's Jolt S19 season review
by shogunFriday, 9 Jun 2006 18:03 UTC

DX is een fan van Bigfoot, en andersom ook. Het is moeilijk bescheiden te blijven bij zoveel lof:

"There was a time when DX were considered bottlers, having gone through many seasons of being a nearly side only to finish on the cusp of promotion each time. That's certainly not the case these days with the Belgians having now won Division 3 twice in three seasons and in not being relegated in Season 18 it has been a pretty successful last 9 months or so in this competition for one of the veteran members. With the team in with a chance of making the play-offs in their Clanbase competitions it is a pretty good time to be a DX member, even if they did do this division the hard way with a last-night effort required against EF to secure them the honours. When you think about it DX's triumph here was all the more remarkable when you consider that they dropped a map in each of their first two fixtures, the key being that when it came down to playing their rivals – GRAND, TS and EF – they achieved at least a draw. Contrast this with EF, who lost to DX, TS, who lost to EF and GRAND, and GRAND, who themselves lost to EF, and it is clear that DX's greater consistency in the crunch matches was what just gave them the edge. Defensively DX clearly do have issues having conceded on all but two maps this season which is the worst record of any title winner, though going forward they were lively all season with Fragty and Eendjuh as good as an attacking combination that you will find at this level. It was that pair who came good for DX in the big game with EF and they'll need them to be at their absolute best next season to make an impression on Division 2."


Bedankt Bigfoot, we vergeven het u zelfs dat ctctf2 in de maplist zit! :)


#3  by Sam1an   Sunday, 11 Jun 2006 01:25 UTC

hehehe maar ja , it is a pretty good time to be a DX member :D

#2  by eendjuh   (d54C46A93.access.telenet.be)Saturday, 10 Jun 2006 12:00 UTC

ja tis ook wel grappig.

we zijn officieel de slechtste winnaar ooit :)

#1  by Sam1an   Saturday, 10 Jun 2006 07:07 UTC

vette commentaar :-)

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