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Dimension X warreport (by Shogun)

DX vs KoW


Sunday, 1 March 2009

Game : Q3CTF  
Opponent : Knights Of War  
Maps : Q3CTF2, CTCTF3  
 Players : Shogun, Fragty, DjHell, Joa, DX!Sheeva  
Competition : Stickrunners Season 1  

Introduction :
Wat een scheeve match.

screenshot map 1

MAP 1 : DX   1 - 1    KoW Q3CTF2 osp stats available   

Wij kwamen vrij snel achter door ne cap van fo_tbh. En dan werd het stil in de base, veel te stil. Uiteindelijk toch dj erdoor geraakt en na de 1-1 had ik eindelijk weer wat werk in de base, en dat ging mij wel af. Jammer genoeg bleef het bij die ene cap.

Van de Stickrunners page: "On Q3CTF2, KoW rushed immediately into the DX base for an early cap through a nice run by fo_tbh. In the next 10 minutes, DX tirelessly attacked the enemy base and touched a lot of flags, but KoW turned more and more defensive and stalled their attacks in order to keep the lead. Eventually, DjHell triggered the well deserved equaliser by handing the flag over to Fragty to score in the 13th minute. Both teams showed some good defensive play for the remaining minutes, although DX seemed to be a bit more keen on get the golden cap. KoW denied them, however."

screenshot map 2

MAP 2 : DX   1 - 2    KoW CTCTF3 osp stats available   

Echt een rare map. Hier heb ik serieus afgezien met Sheeva in def. En op mid kloeg DJ dat het altijd overrun was en ze altijd de quad hadden. Toch hadden we nog gelijk kunnen maken. Vooral diene fo_tbh was moeilijk te deffen en heeft ook 2 keer gecapt denk ik of laten cappen in elk geval.

Van de Stickrunners page: "The game continued on CTCTF3. KoW could secure a narrow victory here by a 2-1 result. Although at first, it didn’t really look that way, when Joa brought DX in the lead after 6 minutes. A lot of battling followed to control the middle and neither teams had the advantage here. Whenever a flag went out, the other side had the middle perfectly locked down. Again, DX had the better chances being closer to a second cap than KoW to an equaliser. However, Agrum surprisingly tied in the 13th minute, crossing the middle nearly undamaged. Motivated by this unexpected course of action, KoW pushed forward and even scored another one through Archy after some good action from fo_tbh. At this point, DX somewhat lost their balance. They did put some good effort into getting the equaliser, but couldn’t make it past a tough KoW defence."

Man of the match : djhell
Final result : DX   2 - 3   KoW | KoW wins 1 map

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